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About Us

Our Truth Verification Service is generally used as an investigative tool in any situation where a crime or dishonesty is suspected. Not only can we assist in separating the innocent from the guilty but we can help identify those who are indirectly involved or withholding information which might assist the investigation.

We can add value to any private or criminal investigation and will make ourselves available for any subsequent CCMA or Labour Court case which might require our services as an “expert witness”. Not only do we have experience in both CCMA and Labour Court proceedings, we also have an extensive Human Resource & Industrial Relations background and can assist our clients beyond the point of simply doing a truth verification test.  

Our Detection of Deception (DOD) technique is also successfully used as a Pre-Employment screening tool to assist potential employers to detect fabricated information on a CV, verify drug and substance abuse, previous dismissals, theft or any related issue the prospective employer might have an interest in. 

We have ‘hands-on’ experience in the Security Industry and our examiners are registered with PSIRA. Periodic screening of security guards is therefore part and parcel of what we do.


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